Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cris Strokes Long Stroke

OMG its like 4 in the morning and im so craving for some big tasty cock and Cris strokes sure knows how to lay his pipe. What they need to do is make more POV ass shots of Cris Strokes like the pics you see up there with the screen captures. Seriously some of these porn camera guys don't know what is the money shot! seriously! what do I need to do? direct my own porn!? sheeesh I would make a ton of money on that. I love scenes where you see the guys face and not when they chop off the guys face and half of his body which is kind of stupid cause you want to see the whole picture....and you know what makes a good porn to watch? is when they MIX a little POV in it too! that way everyone wins!!! plus it looks sexier and it enhances the scene even more!!! don't ya'll agree? ANYWAYS ENJOYS CRIS STROKES SEXY BIG LONG STROKES in this one i actually love the POV shot in this scene! he def need to do more scenes like this! ENJOY!once again.!

Cris Strokes big dick

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 3 Sexketeers

The Three Sexketeers! lol Oh my gosh I love sexy chris charming big dick he can slap that in my face! even though homeboy has no abs lmao! but he got a big dick...ewww he's kind of old but I like his dick. Also Cris strokes this faggot white boy is young! man he's only like 22/23 and he is so tall damnn i wish i had a big long stroking dick like him "hence the name" Cris Stroke...anyways and of course you know the Mario Lopez of porn. This is a sexy scene where the guys dominates...seeing dicks and balls rub up against each other I know these guys get aroused by each other its obvious...I know Cris Strokes does cause he does gay porn also lol....and Strokes's attitude is so young and sounds like a dumb jock just makes you want to take advantage of him! so fcukin sexy! ENJOY!

Cris Strokes , Chris Charming, Marco Duato(The 3 Sexketeers)

Marco Duato & Mikey Butders

Good Morning everyone! today I woke up for some latin heat...mister sexy marco duato! lol omgosh he reminds me of Sexy Mario Lopez (saved by the bell aka slater) don't chu think? oh my goodness! I want his sexy dark dick so bad. Oh yea and don't forget my sexy man Mikey Butders! damnn boy got some sexy big balls I just love watching him do doggy style and seeing his balls slapping some ass and pussy so fcukin hot!!! and he always makes these sexy faces lol its like he's constipated or something haha, but I think it's cute! oh my gosh do me now guys!Enjoy your morning wood!

Sexy Marco Duato & Big Balls Mikey Butders & some other douche but he's not that hot.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Oh goodness Omarion knows Brian pumper? lol oh my gosh! i bet they had a threesome together! tossing salads perhaps? lol! I bet. I bet. See you guys this just goes to show you how short pumper is and I know omarion is not 5'8 he's like 5'6 dude prolly got timbs on lol!

Look a Like? Separated at birth?

LOL OMG! is it me or they kind of DO resemble each other? lol i think they kind of look a like a damn man i didn't know OTUNGA was packin it like that but he's much taller than short ass brian pumper. BUT SO WHAT? SEXY pumper is still hot! man! If I paid him 100 thousand dollars you think he would fuck a guy like me? What do you think? I think he do it for even 5 thousand right? LOL!

More Brian Pumper

Can't Get enuff?lol well me too look at those screen caps the last one with the two hot man ass! fuck I Love Brian man, Erik Everhard is not to bad either sexy faggot men! I love them! I wan't to fuck them so bad anyways, I don't know the other guys name but he's not too bad himself. This scene looks so gay with three guys looking for some I got your pussy right here! lol anyways, I think the scene is in canada cause thats where Everhard and the other douche is from probably taking sexy pumper under their wings lol! ENJOY!

Brian Pumper, Erik Everhard and some sexy douche guy

Sexy Brian Pumper

OMG I love this guy he is so fcuking! hot! so sexy and so plumped and buffed up! He is about 5'8 I would of though he be taller, but no. In this scene he tag teams with Justin Long who is also hot! I don't know about the other two guys and i don't care cause there not as hot as Brian Pumpers big dick and Justin Longs sexy pipe. I bet you Brian pumper is Bi. I'm sure any of the "straight" guys in porn wouldn't mind fucking a guy for money.=) Enjoy his lovely tight pumped and plumped ass!

Brian Pumper & Friends